Trevor Schmidt PA-C Reviews MGM Hotel and Resort, Las Vegas

MGM Grand Hotel & Casino


Trevor Schmidt‘s opinions on the MGM Hotel and Resort

The MGM is one of my favorite hotels on the strip.  I’ve stayed there numerous times, gone to dinner at many of the restaurants and enjoyed quite a few shows over the years.  I believe it has the best pool on the strip as well.  It’s almost a theme park in it’s self.  There is a huge lazy river that surrounds the whole pool area.  This is great for people watching, but you don’t feel like a creep staring at people since the river keep moving.  There is a lot of space available for lounging and laying out in the sun.  Of course, there are servers to bring you food and drinks.

MGM is also great for seeing shows.  They have an excellent venue for boxing, concerts and mixed martial arts.  I’ve been to a few concerts and it was easy to get in and out of the venue.  It’s pretty standard with food and beverage.  It’s a fairly large venue with lots of seating.

The restaurants there are excellent.  I like in particular the Strip Steak.  I had some of the best steak I’ve ever had.  The service there is top notch.  It’s a very nice and comfortable atmosphere.  it is high end, but not stuck up like other places.

by:  Trevor Schmidt PA-C


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Trevor Schmidt Reviews Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

My name is Trevor Schmidt and I am currently a resident of Las Vegas and have been here for about 3 years.  I am from Los Angeles originally and came to Vegas regularly to enjoy the sites and shows.  Today I’d like to review the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino.

Mandalay is among my favorite hotels on the strip.  I’ve stayed there quite a few times over the years, I’ve visited friends that have stayed there and I have taken my family there many times for shows and meals.  They are a full service hotel and casino, with world class entertainment.  But more importantly they are a world class venue for entertainment.

I went to a Maroon 5 concert recently at this hotel and was impressed by their crowd control.  The concert was amazing of course, but it was impressive that parking was easy and free.  Getting in and out of the structure was a breeze since the halls are enormous.  We also went to a Mexican restaurant that overlooks the pool.  I forgot the name, but the food was superb and the service was as good as can be expected.

I have also taken my family to the Shark Reef exhibit on multiple occasions.  I have 2 boys that are 3 and 6 years old, so they were amazed.  There are some fish and sharks that I have never seen before, so that was pretty cool.  In particular, there is a shark that has a 3 foot long snout that looks like a chainsaw, scary.  They have this glass tunnel that goes right through the bottom of the aquarium, so you feel like you are right there with the sharks.  They also have a petting area where the kids can touch small manta rays.  There is a jelly fish exhibit that was very impressive as well.

If you go the the Mandalay Bay, you must go to the Beach.  They have a giant wave pool with real sand on the beach.  There is also a very nice lazy river that you can just relax and people watch on for hours.  They have developed a very nice food and beverage court conveniently located near the beach.  The only downside is that it does get very crowded and may be hard to find a place to sit or lay out so get there early.


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